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Apr 8th

Always Be Grateful

By Daniel Cohen-Emotional Wellness Counselor

You live your life day by day, hour by hour, minute by painstaking minute until you are asked the question, if you had the chance to do something to change your life forever, would you do it?

On February 7th, 2013 I had the opportunity to do just that. Was I scared? Yes. Was I excited? You better believe it! I was a candidate for the seizure surgery, an operation that could potentially be life changing.  A few months prior I went through all of the preliminary testing, and was told that after the surgery I would either be 75-80% seizure free, but I may lose more motor function in my left arm and for someone with cerebral palsy, that would be devastating! I was also told that I could still have some seizures at a less severe level. I made the decision; I had to fight through the fear and go for it! No matter what there would be some light at the end of the tunnel. On February 7th I was taken in for my first of two brain surgeries. Two weeks after that I was out of the hospital, and today I am able to use my left arm. Something I never thought possible!

Do I still have seizures you ask? Yep. Are they less severe? Absolutely. But, all in all I consider myself and will always remain GRATEFUL. I had an opportunity to CHANGE my life forever, and even though things didn’t work out 100% as planned I am GRATEFUL for what has come out of it.

Being grateful is the driving force behind everything. If we are not grateful for what we have now or even to go as far as to say what we had in the past, CHANGE will not occur. Being Thankful every day for the things you have and most of all do not have will give you the drive to strive harder to reach your goals and conquer your dreams.

Keep on Keeping on Everyone,


 Daniel is the owner of Motivational Wellness, a service based company focused on helping women loses weight and feel more confident in their own skin. He also provides services that help anyone that is ready to take control of their lifestyle and push through the boundaries of their mind and body to make the changes necessary to live a happier, healthier existence.

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Apr 7th

5 Key Points to Saying NO with Confidence and Style

By Eileen Lichtenstein - Peak-Performance-Success Coach

For many, the most challenging assertiveness skill is saying "no" with confidence.
Knowing that it's the "right" choice when a situation requires it.  Some may feel threatened by a loss of respect, love, responsibility or take on guilt when saying "no" to someone at home or work.  It is possible to say "no" with confidence and style  following these five key points:

1.      Be honest and direct.
2.      Don't make excuses
3.      Remember that saying "no" shows respect.
4.      Not saying no when it is indicated (by your circumstance and intuition) can cause even worse damage than acting yes.
5.      Listen to your  intuition about saying no and do not  let positive opportunities pass you by by automatically saying no!


We are raised to please people and we need to be sensitive to their feelings.  However, we also have responsibilities to ourselves including respecting our own boundaries- with time, energy and whatever is being asked. 

When  there are overlaps of responsibilities and gray areas of relationships that is fertile ground for conflict.  So, before saying "no" ask yourself how you would feel if the person in question turned you down and consider an honest explanation vs. an all out rejection. 

When we feel we are "sacrificing" in helping, we develop resentment.  It's important to remember that whatever is asked of us is not "the fault" of the person asking and that saying "no" with confidence and style can save a relationship rather than ruining it.


I help people understand when to say no  with  confidence and style! 

Complimentary telephone consult 516 623 4353  www.balanceandpower.com

Apr 2nd

A Success Formula that Works!

By Eileen Lichtenstein - Peak-Performance-Success Coach
Many formulas for success are going around. Decades of experience working with clients and "on" myself have proven over and over again that these are five necessary components of a powerful success formula for optimal happiness and productivity.


Research on this topic also states the following components are crucial for success: 1. Access your Intuition 2. Trust your intuition 3. Communicate assertively 4. Listen well 5. Take action We are all born with intuition so a challenge may be to learn to access that and trust yourself about it!

Personal challenges often arise including negative thinking or simply not trusting "the answers" that come up for you. You may accelerate your learning curve by quieting your mind so that you "hear" or intuit right choices. Develop patience and be aware of not acting "on impulse".

Practice "saying no" to create positive space for yourself and learn how to communicate assertively (not passively or aggressively). Hone your listening skills - to others as well as yourself! And finally, take action when you know the time is right (your intuition will tell you when:)), and without procrastinating- which is always fear based and ditch perfectionism to accomplish something meaningful and "on target."

Anyone with the intention to change and succeed, with guidance can successfully SOAR! with Resilience® I can help you create success and accountability with the success challenges outlined above. My telephone consult-strategy mini session is FREE! eileen@balanceandpower.com      516 623 4353     Balance & Power, Inc.
Mar 28th

Confronting Your Fear The Letter That Change My Life

By Daniel Cohen-Emotional Wellness Counselor

Have you ever wanted to confront your fears? What would you tell them and why? Our fears come in all shapes and sizes, but no matter what, we MUST NOT let them get in the way of anything that we want to accomplish in life. If you could write a letter to your fear, what would it sound like?

Would it be full of anger and hate? Or would it be a letter that tells your fear how it has helped shape you and allowed you to move on with your life? Any fear is scary, and any fear CAN and WILL be OVERCOME, you just have to give it time.

I’ve found that by telling my clients to address their fears in a letter has been a very therapeutic and helpful way in addressing their fear and letting it know that they have carried it around for long enough and they are READY to LET IT GO. Here is an example that I have written to my fear. How would you address yours?

Dear fear,
I know you are here, and I acknowledge that. Even though you may show up from time to time, I WILL NOT let you take control of my life! Regardless of how often you try and defeat me, NOTHING will get in my way of following through on what my life has in store for me. Thank you for keeping me on my toes and making me a much stronger person.

Here are some ways to help conquer your fears:

  • Write your fear a letter: Letter it know how you feel. How it has hurt your progress and how it has also made you stronger to move on and follow your dream.


  • Journal your fears: Write down what makes you afraid. When we write down what is holding you back, it will allow you to reflect and loosen fears grip by observing it. The more you acknowledge that your fear is there, the less of a threat it will become


  • Take small steps: All it takes is one step, not a giant leap. Taking small steps towards your fear is better than taking none at all. Remember every small step taken is equals one big step towards conquering your fear.


  • Believe in yourself: Don’t cloud your mind up with negative thoughts. Know that YOU CAN do anything that you wish to do. Set up your mind for success and take it from there.


Keep on Keeping on Everyone,


Daniel is the owner of Motivational Wellness, a service based company focused on helping women loses weight and feel more confident in their own skin. He also provides services that help anyone that is ready to take control of their lifestyle and push through the boundaries of their mind and body to make the changes necessary to live a happier, healthier existence. Contact him here @ www.Motivationalwellness.com

Mar 10th

EFT Works to Conquer Cravings & Emotional Eating

By Eileen Lichtenstein - Peak-Performance-Success Coach

Zap your food cravings with EFT!  EFT dissolves blocked energy that results from an upsetting event, thereby changing the powerful negative emotions that cause you to eat out of emotion rather than hunger. 

"Tapping each day keeps the binges away!" 

Royalty Free Clipart Image of a Frog Eating Ice Cream

Why EFT Works to Conquer Emotional Eating:

·       Food craving can be dissolved immediately (yes, even chocolate!).

·       Reduces stress from everyday issues that may cause you to turn to food to soothe anxious feelings.

·       Begins to erode negative beliefs and self fulfilling expectations about food and body image.

·       Eliminates subconcious need to keep excess weight- as a barrier or cushion.

·       Helps identify your personal  "triggers" for emotional eating.

·       Neutralizes the emotional effects of difficult or traumatic events from your past.


Workshop Saturday April 6 2-4 PM in Wantagh, Long Island:

 Download the pdf flyer with all the details HERE

Contact Eileen for a FREE 15 minute phone Strategy Session


Dec 17th

How to Talk to your Kids about the Tragedies in the News

By Eileen Lichtenstein - Peak-Performance-Success Coach

The severity of the news has parents and educators and people generally struggling with how to cope .   Many in the Northeastern US are still recovering from  Storm Sandy.  Here are a few things to keep in mind and  resources below:


·   Don't leave news unattended in the house. Children absorb information like sponges, so what you may tune out as background noise, they notice. Be sure to stay with your kids when the news is on.  Better yet, do not have the news on (for everone's peace of mind:)).   Unlimited exposure to the news' cycle repetition (especially with developing stories) amplifies the issue.

·   Even the youngest children respond to the faces they see on TV. Seeing other children unhappy or crying is particularly upsetting to them.

·   Children can't process where something happened -- especially when the images are in their own livingroom. Make a point of explaining the images are coming from somewhere far away, to help your children feel safe where they are.

·   Talk to your children about what's in the news. Even when you don't know what to say, ask them what they think -- and, most importantly, how it makes them feel. 

Detailed information is available from a variety of sources, and it's important to compare what 'experts' have to say in order for you to find your own comfort zone:

A look at what not to say when talking to children about traedies


Helping children cope in diffificult times




Resources for Parents and Educators:

* Common Sense Media: http://www.commonsensemedia.org/educators


* Save the Children: http://www.savethechildren.org/cope

* American Psychological Association: http://www.apa.org/helpcenter/aftermath.aspx

* National PTA: http://www.pta.org/schoolviolence

* National Association of School Psychologists:http://www.nasponline.org/


* Kaiser Foundation: http://www.kff.org/entmedia/upload/7638.pdf



When Words Fail, Kindness Is The Only Answer 

Our hearts and prayers are with the community of
Sandy Hook, the first responders and media covering the tragedy, and with our nation at this dark time in our history.

Please be sure to hug your children, if for no other reason, than simply because, you can.

Need help? (for your kids or yourself): call or email for a complimentary consult:  eileen@balanceandpower.com      516 623 4353
Dec 8th

Eight Steps to Setting and Achieving Goals for 2013

By Eileen Lichtenstein - Peak-Performance-Success Coach

Step 1: Write down your goals. Make them specific and be sure you can measure progress toward the goal. For instance, if you want to increase your productivity at work, your goal may be to increase your sales by 10 percent from this year in 2013. Track your progress to all goals.


Step 2: Write down why you want to achieve the goal. List all the ways you will personally benefit from achieving the goal as well as any losses you will avoid.


Step 3: Determine exactly where you are now in reaching that goal. Note the strengths that will help you, the weaknesses that could hurt you, and the opportunities you can use to attain what you want.


Step 4: Write down what you will need to invest to achieve your goal. Whether it is time, money, or something else, know what reaching this goal could "cost" you.


Step 5: Determine what you need to learn in order to reach the goal. Will you need to take a course to learn a new skill? And what kind of information do you need access to?

                                                                     Royalty F...

Step 6: Identify all the people who can serve as your support group or team.  This may also include organizations that can help you. Remember that asking for help is a sign of strength.

 Smiling B...

Step 7: Develop an action plan. Set timelines for achieving your short term goals. List specific dates on which you want to complete the various steps of the plan.


Step 8: Celebrate! Give yourself a reward for achieving the various steps in your action plan and a final reward for achieving the intended goal, something you can look forward to!


Need help figuring it out?  Having difficulty starting?  Contact me- I've been trained to guide and mentor you as a Peak Performance Success Coach for your Life & Career:  www.balanceandpower.com    516 623 4353

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Nov 17th

You Can Be Vulnerable & People Will Love You Even More

By Eileen Lichtenstein - Peak-Performance-Success Coach

You are being VULNERABLE...

When you ask for what you want...
When you speak your truth...

When you step out of your comfort zone...


Many of us growing up were ridiculed and judged growing up when we revealed our true selves; it wasn't safe for many of us to be vulnerable.  Many of us developed a "protective shielding."  We learned  how to always appear together and never give "them"  substantive evidence to  "attack" us with.

 That same protective shielding that was so useful when we were little can cause isolation and loneliness now.  It is necessary now as adults to be open and reveal our truths if we want to conquer isolation and lonliness.   


There must be some vulnberability present to form deep connections.   
Sometimes inner selves are only revealed with an eruption and explosion in anger or pain.  Do not wait to hit bottom.  You always have choices.  Connect with others.  Be vulnerable.  You can create a shield with filters so that you can


·       Share who you really are and create authentic relationships.

·       Be vulnerable from a place of power.

·       Be resilient, and feel the love!


Authentic self-expression allows us to share fears and flaws without shame.


Be CURIOUS about other people’s responses rather than shutting down in Defense.
Need help finding this courage?



Need help forming protective filters?


Need help getting grounded in your Personal Power?


    -handling rejection and judgements??

    -balancing privacy and transparancy??


Do you know that EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) combined with Peak Performance Success Coaching can help with all of these challenges?


You can feel safe calling me if you need to talk 

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BalanceandPower   516 623 4353

Nov 16th

The Truth About Financial Security In Your Heart-Centered Business

By Barb Conelli, PhD - Money Coach & Business Mentor


As women business owners, we naturally seek security. We love the feeling of knowing we are taken care of, especially financially. Life is so much easier with a solid financial cushion and a steady stream of wonderful income-generating business, right?

But the question is: Do you seek the security you desire outside of yourself? We often fall for the false security trap: We think our clients are the source of our income, we fearfully hold on to each sale, worrying where the next one comes from. The truth is that it starts within. It starts with the understanding that as a soul-filled entrepreneuress, you are called to share your unique gift with the world, uplift others and receive money as your "return on energy".

It starts with your willingness to show up and share with joy, and receive fabulous money with the same joy: without questioning your abilities or wondering whether you're good enough. It starts with your willingness to take a leap in the dark only to find the light of who you're meant to be.

Boldly Brilliant Action Step: Today my coach's request for you is to be totally honest with yourself and admit what kind of energy you're investing in your business today. Are you worried? Fearful? Doubtful? Insecure? If that's your emotional investment, you're likely to attract high-maintenance clients and inconsistent income.

What do you desire your emotional investment to be? Write down how you want to feel in your business every day, and make it your intention to keep reminding yourself of it, refocusing and reshaping until you not only intend it, you live it. It's a miraculous transformation: it turns into a powerful stream of energy that supports your actions and makes your business so much smoother, easier and fabulously effortless.

Listen to your Boldly Brilliant Morning Meditation for today

Nov 15th

The Real Reason You Were Called To Be In Business For Yourself

By Barb Conelli, PhD - Money Coach & Business Mentor

There's one fabulous reason why you were called to be in business for yourself: You are meant to be great. You are meant to soar and uplift others along the way.

You are meant to stare your fears right in the eyes and then go ahead, do what you're called to do, and Be Boldly Brilliant. Whenever you come up with a new idea, whenever you're about to step out of your comfort zone into the unknown, the voice of your Ego Mind, your Inner Gremlin, will try to take you out, giving you hundreds of reasons why you can't.

But your soul will always be there, waiting, giving you gentle nudges, until you get it: Once you take the first, tiny step toward what you're called to do, you will always be supported by the Divine Love.

Boldly Brilliant Action Step: What is the idea or desire that keeps coming back into your life? What is the inspired action that you've been attracted to but haven't dared to take?

Today, get out of your way. Make a list of why you actually CAN - and then go ahead and take the first tiny step. There's always a way, and once you show up with courage and determination, you will be divinely guided and supported.

Listen to your Boldly Brilliant Morning Meditation for today