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Give the Love is a program that gives your blog love and attention. We all go to each others blogs every week and we share it through our social media sites and leave a comment on the blog so we know you shared. If you don't share we will have to remove you from this program.

This gives your blog 6 to 10 times plus all your groups social media exposure. You have an opportunity to really get out there and grow your audience which in turn becomes your clients.

This program is a must do for all professionals wanting to make a successful living with their coaching, social media, marketing, self improvement or spiritual business,.

Monday the blog changes and Tuesday the sharing starts until Sunday Midnight pacific time.

Group 1 is Now Open. Group 2 is will open once group one is closed.

We are having a contest starting Monday. I will count the shares every week and the person who goes beyond the requirements and does an outstanding job with great content and participation will win.

Blog Contest
Prize1. Top Blogger Extra Mile Trophy badge for your blog/website. It is a coveted award for anyone's blog.
Prize2. You can list ant class workshop etc. The last week of the month. That is the time anyone can list something other than an article/blog

1. Go to every web site and if for some reason (rarely) you think you can't share a particular post you can leave a kind blog comment, that way I will know you were there and participating. If this happens more than once, that is a problem and we want to help you with it. E-mail me discretion will be used.

We don't want one person pulling all the weight.
Share Requirement
2 shares per person, 1 share and 1 comment or 2 shares.
Share Social Options:
 Facebook likes
 Google+
 Stumble Upon
 Pinterest
 Only Twitter if you are an active user with at least 800 active followers.

Share /Blog Change Requirements

Blog links old out Monday New In only (NO EXCEPTIONS)
Check links before leaving


I will count the shares every week and on Monday and e-mail the results that night. this is why you cannot share on Monday and you cannot leave your old blog past Monday.

Any questions or problems please e-mail me and I will help you with whatever issue you are dealing with.


The new way to search is through your social media connections. The more facebook likes and G+'s you get the better chance you have of appearing in the search results when your social media connections when they use your keywords. In addition, you get more traffic instantly from the members and from their connections as well. This is one way something goes viral.

1. Only Put Your Best Blog Post or Article.

2. Every Monday Take your blog out and put in a new blog post or delete your Topic with the link of the blog if you do not have one for the next week. The share buttons only count once. Please be considerate of everyone's time.

3. When You Put the Link of Your blog have it open in a second window. It makes everything very quick and easy you just come right back here in one click.

4. When you click on the members blog post use the social media buttons provided on that persons blog.

** Need your own buttons they are free and easy to add to your blog here are the ones I use Share this.


Not sure, what to do the Video that shows you how to do it is in the forum of this group right below just scroll all the way down and you will see it on the right side.

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  • Sandy  Deny- Motivational Whisperers Staff
    To all Give the Love Members Change out your blogs today. Anyone can sign up and get more traffic to their blog. The members share your posts through social network sites. If you need help to start e-mail me here.
  • Sandy  Deny- Motivational Whisperers Staff
    Change your blog out by tomorrow. Drive Traffic to your blog- Any members who want to take part in posting your blog in give the love and you will get your blog post tweeted facebook stumble Upon Pinterest or G+ by the other members. E-mail me here on the site or watch the video instructions and sign up.
  • Sandy  Deny- Motivational Whisperers Staff
    Due to the Holiday, you can change out your blog posts today. For Give the Love. All this week keep in mind when you are here this a place where people are motivated and loved. Please take the time to greet all new members it means the world to them.

    If you are new, we know this group is the one you, say YES. Entrepreneur/ blogger must have.

    If you are confused about how do this watch, the short video instructions posted here in the forum section.
  • Sandy  Deny- Motivational Whisperers Staff
    Don't forget to Change out your blog post tonight. New Members and returning members can start today. If you want to start with Give the Love and get love to your blog posts e-mail me and I will help get you started. You can watch the video instructions. You can find those instructions here and in your welcome packet.

    We just started a new rule everyone must leave a blog message when you go to the members website to share. This allows the other members to know you shared their blog post.
  • Sandy  Deny- Motivational Whisperers Staff
    Everyone today is the day to change your blog post. If you want to be a part of our give love to your blog posts where we go to your web site and share then with twitter facebook Google+ Stumble Upon. E-mail me and I will help you get started. One of the Keys to success is doing this.
  • Sandy  Deny- Motivational Whisperers Staff
    Today we change your blog Posts. Anyone who wants to join the blog sharing love e-mail me I will help you get set up.
  • Sandy  Deny- Motivational Whisperers Staff
    Change your blog links today. Have a wondeful Week. If you have any questions about how to build your traffic to your blog join the group and we help you. Monday is the day for new people to start. If you don't understand it don't feel bad I will help you. I help everyone you won't be alone.
  • Sandy  Deny- Motivational Whisperers Staff
    Reminder: Give the Love where you get love to your blog on your web site, time to change out the blog links. The deadline is Monday Midnight, just todayit is by 9:00 AM Pacific Time 12:00 PM Eastern Time. Anyone who wants to start today e-mail me and I will help you get started.
  • Sandy  Deny- Motivational Whisperers Staff
    It's time to change your blog link for Give the Love. Today is the day please remember to do that every week. It's also the day for new members if you are signing up let me know and I will help you. Thank you.
  • Sandy  Deny- Motivational Whisperers Staff
    Today we are changing out the blog choices and new members start today as well. E-mail me for assistant starting. There is a PDF with directions on the Purple tab PDF.