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When you first come to the site it's a good idea to check here and see what has changed what is new and what is the program or event we are currently participating in.

Up-dates on new groups and features along with any important changes to MW that you need to know. If you have questions about a feature that is not new, ask it here and we will start a post to tell you about it . . . if you are interested, others may be too.

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  • Sandy  Deny- Motivational Whisperers Staff
    Happy Birthday Dawn I hope yesterday was the greatest day for the most generous wonderful person that you are. Take the week off and celebrate your birthday week. You deserve it we all love you.
  • Sandy  Deny- Motivational Whisperers Staff
    Up-date In case you missed this notice. If you have a problem with something check the purple tabs above click PDF's. There are instructions with screen shots for most things if you are having trouble with the videos. This group is another great place to check and see what has changed. Your Member Packet has all the answers. You can also contact our back up support push the blue feedback and support button. Thank You.
  • Dawn Abraham - Award Winning Marketing Expert
    Yesterday on our Motivational Radio show we named Wednesdays Happiness day... a day where we remind ourselves to have fun...laugh a lot don't take things too serious and remember there are no big deals unless you make it that way. Join us next Wednesday in tweeting and facebooking about happiness day and lets spread the word.
  • Sandy  Deny- Motivational Whisperers Staff
    We are looking to see who is going the extra mile and stepping it up with posts every day and blogs. We are going to announce the member of the month next week. Ana our current winner will have a big part in selecting that one member. You get 3 months free up graded membership plus tons of exposure. If you are looking to break out and be a star you will love Member of the month. We make you a star for the month so everyone gets to know you.
  • Dawn Abraham - Award Winning Marketing Expert
    I noticed that half of you forgot to change out your giving love on Fridays so as I am trying to give love I see the same one. I think we may need a group so you can get an e-mail reminder on this. If your not sure what to do watch the video it's not that long and it tells you all the things that you left out. It's in your packets or if you don't have a new one download it. It's on the website here purple tabs PDF's. WW Website Guide.
  • Dawn Abraham - Award Winning Marketing Expert
    If you missed Eva's call last night it is going out today in the newsletter look for this amazing call that will knock your socks off. It's about how you can use your mindset to get you out of and into any situation you would like. So powerful.
  • Dawn Abraham - Award Winning Marketing Expert
    It's Give the Love Friday this is one of the best things you can do for your business. You don't want to miss out. We now have groups with limits of 10 people to fast.
  • Sandy  Deny- Motivational Whisperers Staff
    Tomorrow is our Motivational Whisperers Call with Eva Gregory She is spiritual she is high energy she has been a top coach for over a decade and she will be with us tomorrow night. She will share with you how she has managed to stay on top and what she does when times get difficult. Have your questions ready if you would like to know almost anything about the coachig business or online marketing and success.
  • Dawn Abraham - Award Winning Marketing Expert
    I just up-dated the Member Guide and up loaded it to the PDF's. There is a new how to video that takes you through the process of adding the blog with some seo tips for getting listed. The old one will be deleted if you have an old packet it won't be good anymore after tomorrow.
  • Dawn Abraham - Award Winning Marketing Expert
    Happy Monday Peeps! We had a good start for the first week of Give the Fridays. If you want to get in on this and get some good traffic to your web site it can bring up to 5000 a month the low end about 200 in one day. That is only one of the many benefits. There is a video that is pretty short it will explain everything. Today you can change out your article.