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Traffic Camera

Thu, Nov 18 2010 02:54pm PST 1
Stevie Mack  - Comedy Empowerment Speaker
Stevie Mack - Comedy Empowerment Speaker
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Traffic Camera

A man was driving when he saw the flash of a traffic camera. He figured that his picture had been taken for exceeding the limit, even though he knew that he was not speeding... Just to be sure, he went around the block and passed the same spot, driving even more slowly, but again the camera flashed.

Now he began to think that this was quite funny, so he drove even slower as he passed the area again, but the traffic camera again flashed. He tried a fourth time with the same result. He did this a fifth time and was now laughing when the camera flashed as he rolled past, this time at a snail's pace....

Two weeks later, he got five tickets in the mail for driving without a seat belt.
Sat, Jan 15 2011 11:12pm PST 2
Dawn Abraham - Motivational Whisperer
Dawn Abraham - Motivational Whisperer
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Laughter is the best medicine. Wake up laughing and end your day laughing. Add dozens of reasons to laugh all day. You will find that you are not only the most popular person but also the most healthy person.

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