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Remember we all here to help support and motivate each other!

Wed, Dec 23 2009 11:17am PST 1
Dawn Abraham - Motivational Whisperer
Dawn Abraham - Motivational Whisperer
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Once you become a part of Motivational Whispers you are no longer in business alone. Be sure to post here any challenges you may be having with anything really. If you need ideas or support about a new product or event this is the place to post it.

Everyone should check this forum to see if you can be of service to another Whisperer. What you give comes back to you tenfold. Pay it forward I always say!

How to change your life by paying it forward today:

I wish for you all the success and happiness the universe has to offer!

Tue, Nov 8 2011 09:54am PST 2
Arlene Arnold- Color Therapist
Arlene Arnold- Color Therapist
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I need help selling my house in La Center, WA. It's in a 55+ community, is in very good condition. Here is the link: www.cbseal.com/11058699
Perhaps you know someone moving to this area. Please let them know about my house.

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