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Motivational Whisperers  The Leading Online Marketing & Networking Community We Get You Out into The Mainstream Where You Get Business While Increasing Your Influence


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Motivational Whisperers Free online Marketing Membership  Pay it Forward


What You Get at Motivational Whisperers = Motivation to go the extra mile.  We know what is needed in order for you to shine bright & we are not keeping you a secret. 

1. Direct Contact to Your Audience- Niche Based Web Site With Targeted Visitors & Members.

2. Major Exposure- You Get A Personal Blog with your own RSS feed. That  Goes to Our Main Blog Homepage & 20 other top web sites around the world - 11,000 hits a day.

3. Amplified Opportunity For Visitors to See Your Blogs & Events -Daily up dates-all Stay on the  Homepage between 5- 14 hours.

4. Up-load Your Video's to Your Profile/Group/Blog For Extra Exposure. 

5. Your Events go to homepage and in the newsletter reaching over 31,000 subscribers.

6. Professional Profile:  Web site- Products- Books- Videos-Audio Greet or Radio shows on your profile.

7. High END Directory Listing w/Search for Easy Access to your profile website classes and products.

8. Free Pay it Forward Marketing where members and visitors can sign up for class's buy products and the members share your products, classes & your service.with their contacts.

9. Motivational Monthly Calls- Hear other members share what works for them. We often have top industry guests speakers Share their Secrets to Success. 

10. Master Mind Networking Monthly Calls- Get support for marketing and gain Industry knowledge. Make Connections that can boost your business. 

11. JV opportunities to work with the expert members and Motivational Whisperers LLC.- Benefit from the knowledge of other Leading Experts in your field.

12. Offer Your Services to the members and our huge online marketing network of over 430,000 people.  We love Joint Venture Partnerships. 

13. Opportunity to participate in Motivational Whisperers Events as a Presenter. We have 12 + events and promotions  year you can participate in to get new clients and expert status recognition. 

14. When you post an event are Featured from the time you add it until due date on every members dash board for reminder.  

15. Opportunity to Share Your Wisdom with Our Visitors Friends & Fans  on our Facebook Page &  Google+ Business Page.  We often have promotions contests raffles where you are a  Featured as the star of what we do on our social media platforms.  


**We will give away your services in the raffles and talk about you when it applies.  All contests and raffles promotions are excellent ways for you to show people what you can do without directly marketing to anyone. 

16. Star in Your TV/Radio Show on Motivational Whisperers Internet TV Channel We have a weekly show for the members  for the interview and then as a co-host.  We have a multiple hosts like the view. Join the conversation it's a blast. 

17. opportunities for your own radio own show as well that we collaborate with you and promote on Motivational Whisperers . 

18. Get discounts as high as 75% OFF  depending on what level plan you have to attend our world renown MW Workshops:

Article Writing That CAN MAKE YOU A STAR

Business Coaching Workshops LEARN HOW TO GET CLIENTS

How to Re-purpose your content into products- SAVE TIME & MONEY

How to Write a Best Selling E-book Class's

Write your e-book in one weekend Workshop 

Master Mind Groups

Networking Calls  to increase your business 

Top Expert Marketing Tips

How to Make waaay More Money from Your Blog (Outside the box ways to make 6+ figures with a blog.)

17. Partner with other top experts in your industry 

18.  Motivational Whisperers Radio - Motivational Discussions - Real- Talk With Members of Motivational Whisperers.  Get inspired motivated and charged up. 

19.  LIVE TV Streaming Channel For Your Events, Interviews  & Class's GO Live online to Google to YouTube.  

20.  The Success Plan a step by step plan that inspires you to  Play a Bigger Game. 

There is MORE.... Sign Up and BE Mesmerized! 



We are the leading online marketing & networking community for Life Coaches Self Improvement & Social Media Experts 


We go the extra mile to make sure you have every advantage possible to grow your business. 


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Free Pay it Forward Online Marketing Start Right Now.


Motivational Whisperers LLC. The Leading online Marketing & Networking Community for self-improvement, life coaches, Social Media and Marketing Professionals.  We now offer a Free membership option. You can experience firsthand all of the benefits a paid member has and take advantage of Pay it Forward Marketing as well.


This is only the beginning of what we offer at Motivational Whisperers.  Find out what makes us the place to be if you are in the self improvement & coaching industry. Start Right Now. .


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